Tuesday, January 1, 2013

And the Calendar Turns...

Do you feel it?  There is a humming, a buzzing, there is a fragrance of hope, excitement and anticipation are in the air.  I love this time of year. A New Year - all fresh and shiny.  No mistakes, no regrets, no unpleasant memories.  A blank canvas sitting at the ready.  I am not much of a resolution maker, I do however readily admit to having a few areas of focus that I 'intend' to pursue in the year ahead.... I just like to make them user friendly enough that they remain palatable for a slightly longer time period than the typical resolution does.
Of course after this waining season of indulgence, I like most of you, am very aware of how snug my jeans are - but that's old news...I have bigger fish to fry (well maybe poach) in 2013.  I have piles that need sorting, purging and things that need organizing and systems that need to be thought through.  I put a book on my wish list and was happy to see that My Prince paid attention and it was under the tree.  After all, he lives with me....he knows!  Books are a tricky thing I have discovered over the years though....you have to read them and apply them to make their principles play out in your life....it's all in the details dear ones I promise ;-)
Truly for me there is one four letter word that I am standing battle ready to deal with this year....fear.  This is where the rubber meets the road and the 'real' begins.  Y'all I don't know about you, but there are lots of things that scare me...really there are.  I am 48 yrs. old and pretty sure I am entering into that joyous season of mentalpause menopause and I am just plain, flat out fed up with being afraid and allowing the enemy to hold me back from everything that God has for me!  Can I get an Amen Sister?

I mean really girls, we are selling ourselves out to fear!  Fear that the enemy of our soul giggles over when he sees how he cripples us with it! I believe the term here is righteous indignation.  Maybe it is getting ornery in her old age - either way, that sucker is on notice!  I am scared but I am not going to let that hold me back any longer.  Please do not be alarmed, I will not be taking up Nascar Racing, there will be no skydiving or Fear Factor appearances in my future.  2013 will be a year of facing a few things that have been collecting dust in those dark back corners of life's closet however.
I worked with a guy years ago who used to say "If you're scared, call the police".  I am scared but the police can't help.  I am calling,  but not with my iPhone, rather with the oldest and most reliable technology there is, prayer. I am calling out to The One who knows me and loves me in spite of my fears and who wants to help me to face them and make them a part of the testimony that He will use to help others who walk the path behind me.
That dear ones is what it is all about.  Reach back and see who is there behind you, following a path that you once traveled and lovingly share their journey. By giving of yourself you can help them find their way.  You can be the sign pointing the way out if you will just look back and see who needs directions.

Sisters, if we can remember where the fear in our lives comes from and look up instead of focusing on the fear, I believe we have the battle half won already.  By deconstructing and exposing the plans of the enemy we take away his power to trap us in that old familiar snare of fear.
What's on your list for 2013? Is fear something you want to tackle as well? I have a few books lined up to read on this topic and will be sharing with you what I learn along the way. 
In the meantime, I would love to know where you are with the whole fear thing......phone lines are open and operators are standing by!


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