Friday, January 11, 2013

Fostering a Heart of Thanks

I loved the book from the moment I saw it.  I have a thing for birds and nests and well, blue and speckledy eggs just quite simply make me happy. I really have an even bigger thing for books. So from the moment I saw the book cover I was drawn to it.  The fact that the author was a fellow Canadian added another element of interest and appeal, the fact that she was a blogger who I had visited on occasion and was also a homeschooling mom were gravy to an already done deal.  
So I got the book....and as I often do with books that I have to have, it sat a while on the bookshelf.  I looked at it and admired it, I picked it up and leafed through it here and there.  It even changed locations in the house once or twice.  But read it?  No, not quite yet.  I owned the book for maybe 6 months, maybe longer before I actually began the process of reading it.  Why?  Well, I expect that it was the same thing that often stops me from moving forward ....fear.  
Afraid of a book? Yep you betcha!  You see if you read it and you learn something then you are accountable right?  And accountability is hard sometimes and hard is scary. I am hoping I am not alone in this meandering path of thinking and reasoning.  
I read the book in my morning quiet time over the course of about a month.  It is not a tube of Pringles kind of book that get gobbled up fairly quickly, no it is more of a bag of Dove Chocolates that you savor and indulge in over time.
For those who are not familiar with the book or it's intent, allow me to enlighten you a little...One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp  grew out of a dare from a friend to intentionally count the things in life that she had to be grateful for.  The book examines the position and condition of our hearts and helps us to see ways to gratitude and in the process life changing perspective.  It is good.  We all have much to be thankful for, if you are reading this post now, you are truly one of the fortunate,  it means you are connected to provision in your life that many in the world will never knowGreat book - put it on your reading list for this year and read it - nuff said. 
I have started my list many times and failed miserably at keeping up with it, so I am bringing it here to a place of accountability and hoping that in some small way I can inspire you to begin to enter in to a place of gratitude along with me.  I really believe this is a crucial key to unlocking the door to victory for many of us in many different ways in our lives.  I do truly love an adventure and nothing makes for a merry one more than a happy group of companions all set on the same course! 

So without any further fanfare ......Here dear ones my list begins (again...sigh)....

*1*  I am grateful that as we approach our 8th Anniversary that we still miss each other daily when we are apart and just the other day commented about how it's still giggly newlywed feeling love so much of the time - what an huge blessing that is daily!!

*2*  For the ability God is giving me to move through my fears and gently force myself through to where He wants me.

*3*  That I have a family who loves me and supports me through all the craziness that I bring into our guys rock!! :-)  

Have you read the book? Started a list?  Want to?  PLEASE share a comment about something for which you can give thanks!  If I come across any of my old and abandoned lists, I will add them in as well.



Lisa Laree said...

I've just been reading about this on another blog...Suzanne Matthews was my BSF teaching leader for 6 out of the 7 years I was there and I just recently discovered she's blogging. She did the book as kind of a 'read along group study' over the Christmas break. Since we were going to be out of town, I didn't try to participate...but, maybe I should grab the book after all... ;-)

Leisha said...

I think that is an outstanding idea!!

Anonymous said...

I am grateful for my house, for clothes to wear when it's cold outside, for being able to walk normally again, for my parents, my husband, my dog, and for our sister in Christ Tiffany and the path that god used to bring her back to us. Liz Taylor