Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Confounded by Simplicity

Seven simple words.  Clear, concise and easy to understand.  So it would stand to reason that if one desired to or chose to follow them it should be a pretty clear cut, straight forward task.  Tell me....has that been your experience Because it sure hasn't been mine!  
This can be an huge area of struggle for me.  I know that I should take things to God, that His ways are right and true and that He will always be fair and just with no selfish hidden agenda. I often do not naturally default this way however.  I tend toward one of two things.....
1) I can 'fix, do, handle' this myself (God needs my help)
2)  I seek the counsel of man
Actually, now that I think of it there is another that had been known to surface....
3)  It doesn't even cross my mind that God might be remotely interested.    
Scary right? You bet it is.  This is serious businessGod cares about so many facets of our life where we deny Him access without even entertaining a moment's consideration.  He is in the details, He created the details!  
So why do we tend to be bent toward doing things our own way or seeking help from someone who we think may have a good answer?  Pride.  Fear.  Insecurity.  The way I see it is this, and please understand this is just a peek into the rather chaotic and often confused place that resides between my ears....pride is based in fear and fear is an absence of trust, so what we are really dealing with here are trust issues.   Trust issues, pretty sure they are a standard feature in the luggage that most people carry one around.
Wow, I am thinking as I am writing this, I knew God was calling me to deal with fear in 2013, but really what He is asking me to do is trust...... Him.  Simple. Gulp. Ouch.
I am immediately reminded of a teaching in an Elijah House class I attended  several years ago and an 'Ah Ha' moment that I had when the woman leading the class said these words "How you view your earthly father is how you view God".  Ginormous Gulp.  Questions immediately began a rapid fire sequence in my mind that even today still kick in to a lesser degree when my thoughts 'go there'. 
I have never met my earthly father.  I know very little about him and what I do know is likely skewed through my mother's perspective.  I have NO relationship then to base my relationship with my Heavenly Father on?  Surely God would not leave me high and dry like that?  I certainly can't have a relationship with God built on a trusting loving relationship with a father who has only been absent and non-existent to me my entire life.  
In my years walking with the Lord, I have learned that things are more often that not, not what they initially appear to be.  We serve a very complex and detail oriented God.  He is the Master Weaver and He weaves threads of fear with trust and hope with sorrow and though something may at first glance look like fear, what it really is on closer inspection is pride or pain.  He is the only One who can clearly identify the elements of His glorious tapestries.  
What do you do when you attend an event or gathering and taste something delicious that you know your family would love?  You ask who made the dish, you seek out that person and you request the recipe right? Simple.
Matthew 7:7  (NIV)

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.


So we must seek Him, and ask Him and He will tell us what we want to know......simple.  Please, let me know how this is working out for you, because for me, most days, I'm not even clear on the question.


Dottie Bash said...

Are you sure He didn't have you write this blog this year just for me?? Lol. I have had to work through the trust issues and and I had an "AHA Moment" when one of my dearest friends said to me, "we don't need to trust in mankind, we just need to trust God and he will make sure we are taken care of". Wow what an awakening. I really feel like I am not struggling with that nearly as much as I used to and not at all when I remind myself to trust Him and let Him handle it for me. I love it. I think you and I have discussed that whole earthly daddy thing too. Thankfully, I have a stepdad I can use, but I would definitely be the same way if I had to use my biological father because there isn't much of a relationship there. As always, thank you so much for sharing. This blog almost feels like it is being written by me, but I'm certainly not very good with my words so it would never sound this good. :) Love you tons and tons.

Leisha said...

Dottie - He may very well be doing this just for you!! He surely loves you enough ;-) At this point I am not privy to that information, just trying my best to be obedient - not an easy thing for me! I am so thankful for your support and encouragement!! Let me know when your pom poms get ratty - the next pair is one me!! Love you much! ML